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Customize ~ Your ~ Facial 
Choose your facial for $109.00
In Home Facial Services are available.

Facials rid the skin of daily environmental stresses such as pollution, smoke, and make up while actively fighting aging, acne and loss of the faces youthful elasticity. Let us customize a monthly regiment for your personalized needs. We will have your skin looking fresh, tight and youthful.
Forever Young Facial  
55 minutes
This facial is great for all skin types. Our esthetician provides an extensive skin analysis to customize your facial to meet your unique needs. It consist of a deep cleans, exfoliation, and extraction to remove unwanted impurities. A custom mask is applied followed by a finishing moisturizer. This treatment leaves your skin feeling regenerated, smooth and firm.
Acne Facial   55 minutes
This is great for teens and adults suffering from acne. The esthetician uses a blend of active enzymes to digest debris on skin’s surface, loosen blockage and refine pores. Skin is deeply cleansed, pimples and blackheads extracted, toned and exfoliated. A cooling sulfur and eucalyptus mask is applied to calm inflamed acne and protect against future outbreaks. Facial is then finished with a balancing moisturizer. This treatment leaves skin feeling fresh and supple.
Deep Cleansing Facial   55 minutes
This intense cleansing facial is ideal for those with oily or blemish prone skin. It begins with an exfoliation with gentle lactic acid peel, followed by an extraction to eliminate blackheads and unclog pores and completed with nourishing soothing mask to calm and refine pores.
Microdermabrasion Facial   55 minutes (Not available at all locations)
This full service resurfacing treatment is ideal for reversing the aging process as it exfoliates and produces new collagen. This treatment gently buffs the skin with corundum or sodium bicarbonate crystals and is great for acne scarring, age spots, hyper pigmentation, fine lines, wrinkles, scars reduction and uneven skin tone. The result will leave you with soft, smooth, healthier and youthful looking skin.
Sportsman Facial   55 minutes
Great for men looking to maintain a healthy youthful appearance. The esthetician focuses on razor bumps and ingrown hairs. Facial is completed with a healing moisturizing mask.
Glycolic Facial   55 minutes
Excellent for premature aging and congested skin. Glycolic acid works to exfoliate and energize cellular turnover.  It deeply exfoliates the skin by lifting away the dull, dry, dead cellular layer.  This natural acid peel assists with the improvement of the overall appearance of the skin by softening lines and wrinkles, reducing dry patches; it also rehydrates the skin and balances of hyper or hypo pigmentation.
Oxygenating Facial   55 minutes
The ultimate experience of a steam assisted facial massage, exfoliation, and deep pore cleansing is followed by a process which will effectively fight a complexion that is dull, tired, or has been subject to specific aggressions such as tobacco, smoke, and pollution.  It purifies the skin and increases the skin's oxygen absorption, forcing corrective products into the skin. It leaves your skin rejuvenated.
Collagen Mask  = 15 min.  Add On =  $30
This anti aging mask plumps fine lines and reduces enlarged pores. Skin is tightened, elasticity is improved and moisture is restored.
Vitamin C Mask  = 15 min.  Add On =  $30
This stimulating treatment incorporates a natural vegetable peel with herbal extracts, vitamin C, ginseng, and green tea to reveal immediate radiance and improve tone and texture.
Revitalizing Eye Treatment  = 15 minute  Add On =  $30
This eye treatment brightens dark circles and puffiness around the eye area, minimizes capillary dilation by reducing redness and local swelling. Retinol stimulates the cell renewal process, minimizing fine lines and reducing sun damage. The delicate eye area will be visibly plump and smooth soon after this treatment. Elastic-collagen and the process of cellular therapy will firm the contours of the eye, hydrate and improve elasticity and diminish fine lines around the eyes.

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