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60 minute Massage  $129.00
90 minute Massage $159.00

In Home Massage Services are also  Available, for an additional fee.

Spa @ Home in about 2 hours!
Aromatherapy Massage  
60 minutes
This is a nurturing, relaxing massage that is enhanced by the use of essential oils. It consists of a variety of traditional massage techniques infused together to maximize results.  Aromatherapy affects the Limbic system, which controls our emotions, hormone levels and the nervous system.
  • Total body sense of well being.
  • Relaxation, rejuvenation and increase in energy levels.
  • Therapeutic oils have been said to assist in improving minor issues such as blood pressure, stress levels, heart rate, immune system, anxiety, breathing and digestion.
Essential oils and uses:
Stimulate = Rosemary, Thyme, Cypress, Geranium
Calming = Chamomile, Lavender, Geranium
Muscle aches and pain = Eucalyptus, Peppermint, Ginger & Winter Green
Decongesting = Eucalyptus, Pine, Tea tree
Anti-Cellulite = Lavender, Juniper, Cypress, Rosemary
Deep Tissue Massage  60 minutes
This is the most effective technique for releasing tension and reducing pain. Deep Tissue is a series of intense strokes used to manipulate sore tight muscles and the connective tissue that holds muscles in place. It consists of using deep finger pressure, thumbs and elbows on contracted areas such as lower back, neck, and shoulders. It helps to alleviate discomfort caused by improper back support, strenuous physical activity and poor work conditions; example hunching at computer for hours.
  • Heals & restores
  • Increases mobility
  • Releases oxygen flow to inflamed tissue
Forever Young Sports Massage  60 minutes
This is a deep tissue massage designed to support all levels of athletic activities by targeting specific muscle groups. Firm gliding pressure is coupled with oscillating pressure allowing deep muscle spasms to be treated with sustained static pressure until muscles release and regain their normal resting length. This massage is a must for pre and/or post workouts. Pre workout = it prepares muscles and joints for strenuous workout with minimal chance of injury and soreness. Post workout = it flushes out post workout toxins and assists with rapid recovery which ultimately allows individual to maximize athletic performance.
  • Alleviates muscle sprains.
  • Improves fitness endurance & performance.
  • Increases mobility.
  • Heals muscle & connective tissue.
Swedish Massage  60 minutes
This is a Classic European technique that applies medium pressure by using long smooth gliding strokes and kneading via the palm of the hand. This technique increases circulation of blood which nourishes cells, increases the flow of lymph’s which carry away toxins and stimulates the nervous system.
  • Eases aches and pains.
  • Reduces stress and fatigue, promotes detoxification.
  • Creates heightened sense of renewal and relaxation.
This soft tissue calming massage is great for individuals suffering from being burned out, over worked and just need to relax. It is also great for individuals trying to detoxify the body from substances such as alcohol, nicotine and caffeine.
Shiatsu Massage 60 minutes
This ancient Japanese technique incorporates acupuncture, stretching and applied pressure to the body’s meridians (12 pt. energy channels). Practitioner uses fingers and palms to tap, squeeze and rub along the meridians. The technique is performed on a floor mat without the use of oils. Individual is fully dressed in relaxed clothing.
  • Releases muscle tension & increase flexibility.
  • Stimulates blood flow.
  • Restores energy and balance.
Assist with insomnia, anxiety, headaches and cramps.
This alternative form of medicine is use as a preventative method of care and is great for individuals maintaining a healthy, agile, energetic, youthful lifestyle.
Thai - Yoga Massage  60 minutes
This ancient Asian technique is similar to Shiatsu however; Thai is considered rigorous as it incorporates components of acupuncture, stretching and Yoga posing. This technique combines muscle compression and joint mobilization along the meridian system (12 pt. energy channels) to restores balance and energizes the body. The practitioner uses elbows, knees, hands and feet to target the back, neck chest and shoulder. The technique is performed on floor mat without the use of oils. Individual is fully dressed in relaxed clothing.
  • Restores balance & energy levels
  • Reduces stress & tension
  • Improves range of motion / flexibility
  • Improves overall workout performance
  • Centers the mind and body
  • This alternative form of medicine is use as a preventative method of care and is great for individuals maintaining a healthy, agile, energetic, youthful lifestyle.
Couples Massage  60 minutes
This is a side by side customized massage. Both guest can pick and choose what massage is best for your individual needs. This is a great way for friends and couples to share quality time together. It is also an ideal way for  seasoned spa goers to introduce their less adventurous friends to the miracle of massage therapy. 
Prenatal Massage  60 minutes
This is a customized massage used to relieve expecting MOMS from the everyday discomfort associated with pregnancy. This is recommended after the first trimester. The practitioner uses a pregnancy massage cushion for safety and comfort.
  • Reduces swelling, muscle aches and joint pain.
  • Reduces bloating and detoxifies.
  • Targets ache in feet, legs, hips, and back.
  • Let us help take your strain away --- we come to you.
Reflexology Massage = 30 minute  Add On =  $40
Is a holistic approach to healing. It is the application of pressure to the hands and feet using the thumbs and fingers to restore natural balance to the body. Reflexologists
work on certain points on the feet and hands (10 energy zones) that are directly linked to other body parts such as muscles, bones and organs.  They reduce tension and stress allowing the body to better deal with illness or disease naturally.
Reflexology is great for individuals who have an occupation that consist of long hours standing up on their feet or typing, also good for runners and athletes.


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